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Mediacom Email Not Working on iPhone

The webmail services of Mediacom are powered by Zimbra. It is considered one of the best and feature-rich platforms that help you manage your mails, contacts, documents, calendars, and several other important tasks with greatest ease. If you have an active Mediacom subscription, then you will be provided with better features and amazing experience. It is majorly preferred by iPhone users around the world because of its user-friendliness and outstanding features.

If you are using it to send and receive emails, then you might have come across the Mediacom email not working issue or Mediacom email login not working issue. Even though these issues can easily be resolved by connecting with the technical support team of Mediacom, sometimes, you have to uninstall and reinstall the app to let it work. In this post, today, we will shed some light on the reasons and possible fixes for this issue. So, keep on reading.

Common Reasons for Mediacom Email Not Working Error

Just check out the following to know the answer to why my Mediacom email is not working:

  • Using incorrect credentials i.e. Username and Password
  • Using incorrect spellings of credentials
  • Entering Username and Password with CAPS LOCK key ON
  • Mediacom email server is down
  • Using an outdated version
  • Not using your email id for a longer period

How to Fix Mediacom Email Not Working on iPhone Issue?

Some issues can easily be resolved as all you need to do is – pay attention while entering your username and password. For instance, keep the CAPS LOCK key off while signing in to avoid this issue. In case, you are unable to use your email ID or get the same Mediacom email not working even after doing everything necessary, you will require uninstalling and setting up it again.

The steps for doing so are quite simple. Keep on reading the following to find out more about the same (please note: these steps are for iPhone users only):

  • Click on the SETTINGS options (it is more or less the same in almost all iPhone models)
  • Now, go to the MAIL, CONTACTS, and CALENDARS option
  • Select the MAIL option and click on the ADD ACCOUNT
  • Take a close look at the list of email providers. Choose MEDIACOM if it is there otherwise click on the OTHER
  • After this, you will have to provide some important details
  • Start with your NAME and MEDIACOM EMAIL ID along with your PASSWORD
  • Write “Mediacom” in the box given
  • Here, you have to choose the INCOMING MAIL SERVER to add MEDIACOM EMAIL to your iPhone
  • Choose the POP3 option
  • Keep the hostname as ‘’ and for username, provide your full email address of Mediacom
  • To complete the email server settings on your device, enter your password
  • Next, you have to check the outgoing server settings of your phone
  • Type ‘’ for the hostname along with your username
  • Now, provide your password to sign in to your account
  • After this, hit the NEXT button to proceed further
  • A new page will open wherein you have to enter your email ID
  • Choose SMTP for the outgoing email server to proceed further with the email settings on your iPhone
  • While doing so, make sure that the SSL encryption is enabled and the port number is 465
  • Once you check these details, go back to the ‘Advanced Tools’ and look at certain details like SSL and port (it must be
  • Lastly, close all the windows and restart the device

You will not get the Mediacom Email Login not working or Mediacom email not working on the iPhone issue again if you thoroughly follow the steps mentioned above. But as we all said – exceptions are always there! But do not fret! Just get in touch with the technical support team of Mediacom and seek proper yet professional guidance. They will fix the issue in a jiffy because they are pro.

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